Amazon Video Direct – A New Way to Make Money

Amazon Video Direct

Amazon just recently launched their new service called Amazon Video Direct (AVD) which allows creators to upload their own videos to Amazon Prime Video to generate royalties much like their competitor, YouTube. This new way to make money is slightly different from YouTube in that they offer various options to earn money from your videos.

  • Buy or Rent: You can select the option for users to buy or rent your videos and receive 50% of the net revenue
  • Included with Amazon Prime: Make the content available for Amazon Prime members and earn $0.15 for every hour your content is streamed
  • Free with Ads: Make your content free with ads and receive 55% of net ad revenue (which is similar to what YouTube currently provides)
  • Add-on Subscriptions: Make your content available to only those with add-on subscriptions and get 50% of net monthly revenue

Netflix Killer?


Another interesting thing is it may be a competitor for Netflix as well. Here’s why.

Currently, if you want to make money by making ad-free TV shows you’d have to talk to major network executives and pitch them to play your show. This is incredibly hard as you may guess since there’s so many other great content creators with a much bigger budget than most of us. Our chances of getting approved and our content showed is very slim to none.

With Amazon Video Direct’s payment model, they provide a way for those content creators to post their content and guarantee that if their show proves to be popular then they will get paid. This just opened a whole world of opportunity for content creators without the whole bureaucracy of being approved and seeing whether or not there’s high enough demand for their content.

This could mean that indie filmmakers may move toward AVD as a source to display their work instead since AVD allows anyone to upload content and get paid per hour streamed.

AVD Stars – Get a Share of $1 million Per Month

1 Million Dollars

Amazon also launched AVD Stars which is a promotion designed to attract more content creators to their new service. How it works is that they will give creators a share of $1 million per month based on customer engagement with their title.

The first bonus distributions will be based on steaming activity between the period of June 1st to June 30th. This will be determined by the top 100 AVD titles in Prime Video and is paid on top of any other revenue earned as a bonus. Any creator who use AVD will automatically qualify.

If you’re interested in this new money making opportunity you can sign up with AVD here.

Let me know how it goes!



  • Very interesting. I don’t think Amazon will supplant Netflix but it sounds like a great opportunity for those on small budgets to create and showcase their own content. Vimeo is a better option than YouTube for people who want to sell their content as it gives total control over who can see your videos, but you do need at least a Plus (paid) account.

    Do you have any idea of what privacy controls AVD gives to providers or does their business model assume all content is for public consumption?

    • Hmm…actually I’m not sure about their privacy controls and I couldn’t find any information on that either. Since they are more targeted for either public users or Amazon Prime subscribers I don’t know if you are able to totally lock it down so no one has access but you and who you decide to share it with like Vimeo. My guess is it’s more for public consumption and not for a video server for private use.

  • *AVD sounds awesome. I’m gonna have to give this a try. I’ve been thinking about starting up a YouTube channel (when I get a camera)]. Maybe I’ll give Amazon Video Direct a try as well. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to pay to view my videos when I first sign up so I’ll probably just go for the free version with ads.

    Great post. I’m gonna go check this out!


    • Hi Hanna, it’s definitely worth a try. Multiple income sources are the way to go so you aren’t reliant on one source. I agree that you should start with the free version first to gain momentum and as your videos get popular you can get people to pay to stream. There’s so much potential with this it’s interesting on where it’ll go.

  • What a great idea from Amazon. So many independents struggle to get any notice. What Amazon have done for writers they are now doing for videographers. I look forward to what the future brings with this idea.

    • I agree, this is so amazing for individual videographers as they don’t have to keep competing with the “Big Boys” to get their work noticed. I think it’s great!

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