How To Create A Website For Free? I’ll Show You How!

How To Create A Website For Free

Did you know that over 3 billion people has access to the internet? That’s 3 billion people that could potentially look at your site! When people look at something on the internet they are looking at websites. So let’s learn how to create a website for free!

Why Create A Website?

Build Your Own Website

First of all why create a website in the first place? There are several reasons.

1. Businesses have websites to promote their business and gain access to global opportunities they would have never got locally.

2. People want to provide useful information. Sites like the Red Cross and Earthquake Kit Guide want to provide the public with safety information to keep more people safe. Other governmental websites are used to deliver information to the public as well.

3. People have a hobby or interest that they want to share with others. Do you like cooking? There are tons of blogs out there on cooking where recipes are shared. Do you like cars? A particular TV show? Going out to eat at restaurants? Reading a book? Animals? The list goes on endlessly. Whatever you can think of, there’s most likely a website about it online.

4. Celebrities, famous people, actors, TV personalities, athletes, politicians, etc have their own websites to promote themselves. Like I said, the internet is global so by promoting themselves on the internet they have access to way more people. Access to more people means more chance of people finding out about you and the more popular you will get.

5. And finally, to make MONEY! This is most likely the reason you are here reading this blog. There are several ways to make money with a website. You can sell your own products, offer services to others, but if you don’t have any products or services to provide you can promote other people’s products/services! This is called affiliate marketing and is the best way to make money online without having to deal with the hassle of handling the product, shipping the product, and dealing with customer service for the product.

But in order to do all of this, you need a website.

OK, Gimme My Free Site!

Over 1,400 Templates!

OK, OK, you’re eager to build your free site and start making money. That’s great! You need to be motivated to make money so you’ve already taken one step toward success!

Creating a website nowadays is SUPER easy. You don’t need to know how to code, you don’t need to be “techy”, and you can create one in less than 30 seconds! Don’t believe me?

Check out this video that show you just how quick and easy it is!

How to Make a Website in 30 seconds

Now that you’re convinced and are eager to build your own, just enter a site name below and get started!

What You’ll Get

  • 2 FREE websites! NO payments, NO credit card.
  • Super fast install – usually a click of a button
  • No need to know HTML – it’s as simple as typing in a word processor
  • Over 1,400 professional templates to choose from
  • Over 10,000 plugins that help enhance your site
  • Tons of support from the community – Don’t know how to build a website? There’s tons of support to help you!

Getting Started

Everyone there is just like you trying to make money online and there are tons of experienced people who know what it takes to be successful! You don’t only get 2 free websites, you get an awesome community that’s there to back you up whenever you need it. They are from all parts of the world so there’s bound to be someone to help you 24/7!

The worst thing that could happen is you are excited to build your own website but then you get stuck and have no one to help you. Your motivation will go down the drain along with your potential to be successful. Don’t let that happen and make sure you have people to help and guide you. So what are you waiting for?

Create Your FREE Website NOW!



  • Hi Andy,

    It’s true that we can do so many things through a website. There’s a huge potential waiting to be tapped as millions of people are connected through the internet. I personally like the idea of affiliate marketing as it saves me the hassle of storing physical products, shipping and having to deal with customers.

    I used to think that it would be very hard to create a website. Now I know that creating a website is easy but to build a successful website is the hard part. It takes lots of time, dedication and the willingness to learn.

    • Thanks for the comment Yvonne!
      You’re absolutely right. With technology these days creating a website is so easy that you don’t need to have any knowledge or programming or design. As long as you know how to type in a word processor then you can make a website! I agree that Affiliate Marketing is the way to go. All you have to do is market the product and add an affiliate link. The rest is taken care of by the company. The great thing about it is you can potentially earn money 24/7 because your website is available world wide. I just wish I started sooner!

  • Hi Andy,
    There are so much information about making websites nowadays. It is like abundant to nowhere thing. Your post is very great. Now i realize making website is an easy task but to establish a good website need a lot of commitment. Without it your website will just be a website without nothing can be earned

    • That’s exactly right Reyner. You do need to have commitment to make your website successful and a great thing about these free sites are it comes with a whole community behind it. Tons of experts, resources, training, etc all available to you to help you build a successful website. That’s why I really recommend people to sign up and try. There’s nothing to lose!

  • Hello Andy!

    It looks like you went over the basics pretty well. I never thought that I would have a website, yet here I am stuck with one lol. How is your website going for you so far, and how long have you had it?

    • Thanks Austin! Yeah websites are amazing aren’t they? Nowadays it’s so simple to create one you don’t have to be techie to create one. Anyone can actually make one and make money from it. I’ve only had this one for less than 3 months but I have a couple others I’ve had for longer. Still building as I go but so far so good. I love helping people so this is a great outlet for me.

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