Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important things to do before writing content and will help bring in more traffic. More traffic equals more money. If you’re just writing articles blindly without keywords in mind, you’re just shooting blindly in the dark “hoping” that you’ll get ranked well in search engines. Unfortunately that’s a very bad way to build your site content and you’ll most likely end up in failure.

So What Should I Do?

What Should I Do?

Instead, what you should be doing is doing research on specific keywords that apply to the topic you are writing about. Doing this gives you a much greater advantage than just blindly writing content because the statistics show whether you have a good chance of ranking high or not.

When I mention keyword, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a single word. It can be a phrase, and actually it’s often better for it to be a phrase because there would be less competition than a generic keyword.

For example, if I were to write about “make money online”, you can imagine just how many sites are already talking about that. There are thousands, if not tens of thousands of sites that are talking about “make money online” already and their sites are far more established than yours so there’s almost NO CHANCE you will get ranked high without doing keyword research.

What Does Keyword Research Do?

Keyword Research

What keyword research does is give you statistics on how many searches are done for a particular keyword in a month, the number of websites that are competing for that keyword, and the estimated amount of traffic you would get if you ranked near the top of the first page for that keyword.

These statistics help you determine whether or not you have a shot of ranking high on the first page of search engine results. That should always be your goal. To rank #1 for any keyword result. After all, most people will just click on the first result or even first few results and won’t even get to the next result page.

I know that when I’m looking for something online I will only look at the first few interesting pages and most likely I’ll already have the information I need so I won’t bother looking at any of the other results. So if your site is buried in page 100 or even page 5, chances are most people won’t even get that far meaning you won’t get hits to your page.

So by analyzing the numbers, you should target the keywords with less competition but a decent amount of monthly searches so it’ll be easier to rank #1 or at least on the first page. Don’t worry that the number of searches for your keyword is lower than the general term. Like I mentioned before, if your site is not in the first page of results you won’t be getting many hits anyway. Plus if you target several less competitive keywords, they all add up and you’ll get a lot more traffic than you first estimated.

What is a Long-Tail Keyword and Why are they Important?

Long Tail Keywords

I mentioned that keywords can be a phrase and not just a particular word. Actually, the best keywords to target are in fact specific phrases which are called Long-tail keywords. Although specific phrases may get much less traffic than the general one, it’s usually much more effective because most of the time the user already knows what they want and is closer to the point of purchase.

For example, if I were to buy an smart phone I’d probably type “best smartphone” or something generic to give me an idea of what’s out there and which are the best ones. This will give me tens of thousands of results but it doesn’t matter to me because I’m just looking at this point. Chances are I won’t be willing to buy at that point even if there were links or ads to buy one because I’m still in the research phase.

After doing some research I’ll find one that I like, let’s say the Samsung Galaxy S7. So what’s my next step? I would probably do a search for “best deal for Samsung Galaxy S7”. Notice how my keyword is much longer and more specific? This is a long-tail keyword and even though it will get less hits than “best smartphone” it is way more valuable because at this point, I’m willing to buy one and am actually looking for the best deal.

Another great thing about long-tail keywords is that 70% of all searches are long-tail keywords and 30% are the more generic but popular keywords. That’s because most of us know what we’re looking for when we search online. We usually don’t just go on and pick a general word to look up because when you go to search engines, you are searching for “something”. Basically the longer and more specific your keyword is, the higher the conversion rate.

OK, Keyword Research is a Must. How Do I Do It?

Jaaxy Best Keyword Tool

Great, you’re convinced that keyword research is necessary if you want to get lots of relevant traffic. So now what? How do I actually do keyword research?

Well, there are some great tools online that will help you do this. One of them is Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is the best tool I found online that helps me quickly and easily identify which keywords are the best. You can give it a try for free by entering a keyword below.

Have you used Jaaxy? What do you think? Let’s discuss in the comments section below.

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