Ultimate Guide on How to Use Twitter – Lesson 6: Keyboard Shortcuts

Ultimate Guide on How to Use Twitter - Lesson 6: Keyboard Shortcuts

In the previous lesson I covered how to create lists and how useful they are in keeping organized. If you missed that lesson, click the link below.

<< Lesson 5: Lists

In this next lesson we’ll discuss keyboard shortcuts and how they can make using Twitter more efficient. Since this is a short one, I’ll quickly cover the Help section as well.

What Are Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts?

Twitter keyboard shortcuts are special commands that are performed when you press a specific key or combination of keys which can save you precious seconds from you life. Keyboard shortcuts have been popular everywhere including word processors, online games, and other social media sites. So what Twitter keyboard shortcuts are there? Let’s find out.

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

Twitter Keyboard Shortcut List


There are a variety of actions you can perform by using keyboard shortcuts.

Twitter - Compose Tweet

n – New Tweet: Pressing the “n” key a pop up box will appear that allows you to compose a new tweet

l – Like: Pressing the “l” key, that’s lower case L, you can like a tweet if you are in a tweet

r – Reply: Pressing the “r” key pops up the reply text box when you are in a tweet

t – Retweet: Pressing the “t” key pops up the retweet textbox when you are in a tweet

m – Direct Message: Pressing the “m” key will pop up the direct message box

u – Mute User: Mute user; Stops you from getting any tweets from the user on your timeline

b – Block User: Block user; Stops you from getting anything from the user including tweets and messages.

Enter – Open tweet details: Opens tweet details when tweet is highlighted by navigation shortcuts

o – Expand photo: Expands photo in highlighted tweet

/ – Search: Focuses your cursor on the search bar

Ctrl + Enter – Send tweet: Send a tweet when you are composing a tweet


? (SHIFT + /): Pressing ?, which is actually SHIFT + /, will pop up the keyboard shortcut menu

j – Next tweet: highlight next tweet (press enter to see the tweet details)

k – Previous tweet: highlight previous tweet (press enter to see the tweet details)

Space – Page down: scrolls the page down

. – Load new tweets: loads any new tweets that are available


Twitter Go To User

These actions can be done on any page and will load the associated pages when holding “g” along with the helper letter. Just think of “g” as “Go to”. So basically g + h is telling Twitter to “Go to Home”.

g + h: Home

g + o: Moments

g + n: Notifications

g+ r: Mentions

g + p: Profile

g + l: Likes

g + i: Lists

g + m: Messages

g + s: Settings

g + u: Go to user

Getting Help

Twitter - Help

If you ever need help or want to learn more about Twitter’s features, they have a help section under your profile menu.

Twitter Help Center

You’ll be taken to the Help Center where you can search your issue.

Twitter Support

Or you can take a look at common questions and answers by category. Within those categories there are a bunch of common questions which you can click into to get more information. If that still doesn’t solve your issue there’s a Contact Support link at the bottom of the help document. I also left the link HERE so you can access it directly instead of fishing around for it in the site.


So today you learned:

  • What are Twitter keyboard shortcuts
  • How to use them
  • Getting Help

Hopefully you now know how use the handy keyboard shortcuts and are able to quickly navigate through Twitter as well as know how to get help when you need it.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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