What is the Best Keyword Search Tool? Jaaxy!

We all know that in order to get good search engine rankings we need to use keywords effectively in our content. In order to do this, we use a variety of keyword search tools that help us pin point which keywords are worth going after and which have too much competition so it’s not worth your time. So what is the BEST keyword search tool? In my opinion it’s Jaaxy!

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy Best Keyword Tool

Jaaxy is an online keyword tool that allows you to quickly identify which keywords you should target. There are tons of keyword tools out there and a lot of older ones mostly entirely rely on Google results. Many of those tools no longer work online because Google has recently done a bunch of suspensions that were used to access this data. So what does this mean? This means that either the tools don’t work properly or they are reliant on old outdated data. What good is using outdated data? Things change all the time so getting results from outdated data is useless and a waste of time.

So What’s So Different About Jaaxy?

Jaaxy has been keeping up with the times, constantly improving and refining the data so you always get the most accurate results. They have a special algorithm that collects data from all search engines, not just Google, and analyzes them to give more “real” numbers.

It’s a simple tool that anyone can use and is very easy to understand. There’s no 20 column tables detailing every single detail about the keyword. You probably don’t even understand what they mean and even if you do, you probably don’t even know how to use it properly. No complicated graphs that just show the same data but and make you over analyze meaningless data.

So What Do They Provide?

They only provide you with the few metrics that actually mean something and are really important to an online business. So what are they? Of course traffic has to be one of them because if you don’t know the traffic for a keyword you’re just shooting blindly in the dark hoping you’ll hit one that people are searching for. Competition is another big one because if there are too many people competing for the same keyword, chances are you’re not going to rank on the first page and that should be your #1 goal, to rank #1 on the first page.

Jaaxy Keyword Researc

They provide you with a few others like Estimated Traffic which is the estimated traffic you will receive if you rank on page one. Of course the more the better but it depends on competition.

If the estimated traffic for ranking in the first page for your keyword such as “best seo tools” is 4455 but there are 758 sites competing for that, chances are you’ll have a hard time getting on the first page. On the other hand, if you go for something like “best free keyword tools” you’ll get 17 as estimated traffic but only 196 sites competing which is a way better than going against 758 sites.

Another handy field is the KQI or Keyword Quality Index. This is an easy way to scan for which keywords have a good chance of you ranking high for it. It’s based on traffic volume, competition, and estimated ranking results and uses a basic traffic light system.

  • Green – you’ll have a great chance at ranking high
  • Yellow – you’ll have a decent chance but there is more competition
  • Red – it’s going to be pretty tough because there’s too much competition

I usually quickly scan for all the green ones and review them first.

Remember, even one keyword can contain several other keywords so you’re actually targeting multiple without even knowing it! For example if you use “best free keyword tool” you have a variety of keywords with either exact or non-exact match in there such as:

  • best free keyword tool
  • free keyword tool
  • keyword tool
  • best keyword tool
  • best free tool

Remember that your content actually contains several other keywords than the ones mentioned above and if each of those bring in even 20 people it quickly adds up. And these are quality targeted traffic, not just random traffic which is way more valuable.

If you want to give it a try, just enter your keyword below!

First Page Means Everything!

Percentage of Google Traffic by Results Page

Source: https://chitika.com/google-positioning-value

An astounding 8.5% only make it past the first page. If you’re on the third page the chances of you getting a click drops dramatically. Anything after that you probably won’t get many clicks. That’s why being on the first page is EVERYTHING! Being #1 on the first page is obviously the best as you’d get almost 33% of all clicks on the first page. After that things decrease sharply with 17.6% for #2, 11.4% for #3, 8.1% for #4, and 6.1% for #5.

So even if you target a keyword with thousands of hits every month but you don’t make it anywhere close to the first page you aren’t going to get any hits anyway. So target keywords where you’ll rank on the first page even if that means the number of hits are lower than what you’d want.

Jaaxy Site Rank Feature

Jaaxy Site Rank Feature

Jaaxy has a site rank feature that allows you to enter a keyword and an URL and quickly find out what the page rank is. This saves a TON of time instead of doing the search yourself and going through pages of results to see where your page comes up.

If you’ve already done a page search it is stored in a table so you can quickly see your rank progress for that keyword each day without having to re-entering everything again. With this handy tool, you’ll be able to identify which keywords are working and which aren’t. This is very powerful as it gives you a chance to keep optimizing until you get ranked #1 on page 1.

Jaaxy Search Analysis

Another handy tool included in Jaaxy is their Search Analysis tool which allows you to spy on your competition! Find out why they are ranking higher than you.

Competition Search Analysis

The analysis results will give you details on things such as:

Meta Description – Find out what they use and have the ability to quickly copy their Meta Data

Word Count – allows you to see approximately how many words your content should be to reach their ranking

Keyword Density – this doesn’t mean much anymore as Google’s search algorithm is always changing and will be looking at different things. Even if you stuff your site full of keywords it can detect no keyword density at all!

Back links – back links also don’t have as much value as they used to with regards to page rank. In the past people used to spam other sites just so they’d have back links back to their site and it was an easy way to skyrocket to the top of search results. Not anymore! Google’s smarter than that and like I said, always optimizing their algorithm to make sure their results are quality results and not those skewed be black hat techniques.

Google Page Rank – This is a big one. You obviously want to know what page rank the competition is getting for that keyword. This determines whether or not you want to do something similar to get a ranking just as good as them or see that they don’t rank high anyway so move on to the next competitor. Keep in mind that their rank is not solely dependent on this data. Content is still king so if you have excellent content you can still easily out rank your competition.

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More Keywords, More Niches

Jaaxy Brainstorm - Ideas for Keywords

Jaaxy has a Brainstorm feature that shows all the top topics and trends from various sources:

  • Google Trends
  • Yahoo Buzz
  • Alexa Topics
  • Amazon Best Sellers
  • Twitter Trends

This gives you a quick and easy way to find hidden niches and hot keywords that you can use without having to manually go into each site and viewing their list. It’s all right here in one manageable page where you can quickly do research on hot keywords.

How Much is this Going to Cost Me?

Well the great thing is that they have a FREE trial where you can get up to 30 free keyword searches. Go give it a try and see the power and useful data the results provide.

If you like it and want to get unlimited searches then you can upgrade to a Pro account at $19 per month. If you want even greater power you can upgrade to the Enterprise account which will give you access a lot more analysis and faster results for $69 per month.

Currently they have a promotion where you can get an Enterprise account for $49 per month. For more information on what the Enterprise account has to offer, click here.

Jaaxy Membership Options

Final Thoughts

There are millions of keywords out there and it takes a lot of time and research to find which ones are worth it and Jaaxy provides a super quick and easy way to identify those profitable keywords and is the best one out there. No need to go through several columns to figure out what’s good. Simply look for green for the KQI (Keyword Quality Score) to see if the keyword is a good candidate. Then look at the other details to make your decision.

Why is Jaaxy worth it? Because it provides you with the tools necessary to rank high in search engine results which in turn give you increased traffic which gives you more profit! Remember, don’t just go for keywords with lots of volume. If there is too much competition you’re just wasting your time and effort. Jaaxy will quickly show you which keywords are profitable and help make your website successful. With all the other tools they provide it really saves a ton of time. Time which can be better spent improving your site and gaining more profit. Go give it a try with their FREE trial. You get 30 searches for free so you have nothing to lose!

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  • Hey, this is a very informative post on Jaxxy and exactly how it can help a website, for a newby like me this is great, thank you

    • No problem Yasmin! I use Jaaxy all the time for all my articles. It saves me so much time and lets me focus on more important things like writing content. Hope you give it a try!

  • Andy,

    Thanks for an informative and educational article!

    Of course I was aware that keywords are important, but it sounds like Jaaxy can help me choose the BEST keywords to make my website rank high in Google and other search engines.

    I like how Jaaxy easily shows me:

    * Traffic
    * Competition
    * KQI (Keyword Quality Score)

    And that these elements will help me to choose the strongest keyword for my needs!

    PLUS, it’s wonderful that I’m not overloaded with data that doesn’t give me any real strategic advantage. You’re right that I wouldn’t even understand it anyway, so why bother trying to figure it out when I don’t even need it? That’s a real timesaver! Jaaxy focuses on what really matters.

    And since it’s offered FREE to try out, well, what have I got to lose!?

    Thanks for pointing out this opportunity!


    • You’re welcome Roger! Hope you enjoy it. I really found it super useful as it saved me tons of time and gave me excellent keywords to target. It’s so simple even a newbie can figure out which keywords will bring in profit. It’s so awesome I just had to share it.

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