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There are a variety of ways to work from home and make money online. The best, in my opinion, is to have your own website where you can expand your web presence and capture the attention of a global market.

Back in the day, local businesses were only restricted to their own city or region or maybe even country if they were big enough. Rarely would they have the opportunity to attract potential clients from other countries because it’s just too expensive and too hard to break into a foreign market that was already established.

Access to Over 3 BILLION Potential Clients!

Work From Home

Now, with the magic of the internet, access to these global markets has increased significantly. Over 3 billion… YES, BILLION… people have access to the internet today. That’s a hell of a lot more than the hundreds of thousands of people in your city! With your own website you have access to them.

Don’t Have a Website?

Create a Website

Don’t worry if you don’t have a website. It’s super easy and super quick to get your own website up and running. Best of all, I’ll show how you can do it for FREE! You don’t need any technical background or any design sense. It’s as simple as picking a pre-made professional template based on what your site will be about and just typing in content like you do in any word processor! SIMPLE!


Got My Free Website, Now What?

Once you get your free website, you need to decide how you are planning to make money from it. There are several different ways but I’ll be focusing on a handful to give you a general idea of what you can do.

Sell Stuff

Sell Crafts Online

If you have a product you can sell it online! For example, if you create hand-crafted specialty items from your home you can sell them on your website. Or if you are a painter and want to sell your own artwork online, you can! If you like to cook, maybe you can even make a cookbook or e-book and sell it on your site too! There are endless possibilities.

Some other possibilities are: creating an e-book, create a video training course, create something that people are willing to pay for.

Sell Other People’s Stuff – Become an Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate Program

If you don’t have any product of your own don’t worry. There are several thousand affiliate programs that will allow you to promote and sell other people’s goods and you get a portion of the profits. Basically you add a link to their product on your site with a special ID that detects that the referral came from you. If the user makes a purchase, you get credit!

A great example and one of the most popular ones out there is Amazon. Amazon is the biggest online retailer and there’s good reason for it. They have millions of products and allow an easy way for people to sell their products. Depending on where you are, they even have Amazon Prime which gets products to customers in 1 day!

If you want to check out Amazon Prime, click here.

There’s also an Amazon Student program that gives you 2-day shipping on millions of products and you get a FREE 6 month trial! If you sign up here, you get a free $5 credit toward your next purchase and I do too!

Join the Amazon Affiliate Program here.

Of course Amazon is not the only affiliate out there. There’s thousands and I’ll be talking about a few of the top ones in a later post.

Here are some other alternatives: Commission Junction, Clickbank

Sell Services


If you have some special skills like design, marketing, accounting, etc. you can promote those on your website and sell them. For example if you are an accountant and you want to promote your accounting services so people can contact you, you can do this on your own website! And because you’ll have several pages on your site you’ll be able to upsell and promote a variety of services. Once you have those pages built it’s out there. You won’t manually have to make calls or knock on doors to sell your services. Just think about what skills you have and see if you can earn money from them. I mean, if you have skills, might as well use them to earn some extra cash.

Provide Information

Make Money Online

Some people don’t want to sell anything and just want a page to either promote themselves or just simply provide information. For example, if you’re an up-and-coming rising singer, you’ll probably want your own website for people to go to so they can read up on you as well as connect with you for possible business opportunities. Everyone searches online so having a web presence is vital.

There are other sites that only provide information. What good is that? How do I make money from that? Well you don’t necessarily have to sell something to make money. If your content is good and have a lot of traffic coming to your site, you can make money off of that traffic through programs like Google Adsense which displays ads on your site. If someone clicks on an add, you get paid. There are also some ads which are Pay-Per-View so even if they don’t click it, as long as the ad loads, you’ll get a portion of the revenue. If you have a lot of traffic you can see how that can quickly add up and make you some serious cash.

Other notable ad programs are: and Clicksor

Sell Your Website

Flippa - Sell Your Website

If your website is established and is making money, you can potentially sell it. Remember, all the hard work you put into your site doesn’t just magically go away if one day you feel like you don’t want to maintain it anymore. There’s value in your site and people are willing to buy it off you so they don’t have to start from the ground up. Some sites can be sold for 10’s of thousands of dollars once they’re established.

You can check out Flippa to see how much people are buying/selling sites.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are several ways of making money from your own website. You don’t necessarily have to pick and choose one method. You can combine various methods on your site and see what works. For example, I use a combination of affiliate links and Google Adsense to provide revenue and they are working great together.

I definitely didn’t cover all the ways since there are tons but I covered the main ones.

Do you have any favorite ways that you’re making money from your site?

Let’s talk about them in the comments below!

Want to earn money online but don’t know where to start? Check out our Getting Started section.

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