Shifting Vibrations, Shifting Vibrations Manifest Review – How to Manifest Wealth and Success.

Shifting Vibrations Manifest Review – How to Manifest Wealth and Success.

Shifting Vibrations is a recently launched program that has received rave reviews on the internet over the past few days. The creators of Shifting Vibrations say that it was created to help people unlock key factors that will help with Attracts wealth and abundance that people want in their lives. This program claims to be a program that unlocks a person's true potential to achieve anything that person desires. This Shifting Vibrations review discusses some of the key points of the program. and will determine whether the program is worth the hype or not.

Program NameAstralHQ Shifting Vibrations
PurposeAttracting wealth, happiness, and unlocking manifestation power
FormatDigital Program
UsageListen to audio tracks, available for lifetime access
Core ConceptUses Egyptian Frequency theory to activate the third eye (pineal gland) for manifestation
Program ContentsSix audio tracks with specific frequencies, PDF instructions, and an HD video lesson
Benefits– Activates the third eye
– Facilitates lucid dreaming
– Enhances manifestation ability
– Connects with the universe
– Improves sleep quality
BonusesFive additional audio tracks with various benefits
Money-Back Guarantee30-day refund policy
AvailabilityOn Official Website Only
Official WebsiteClick Here

Shifting Vibrations Reviews – Can These AstralHQ Audio Tracks Help Attract Abundant Wealth and Happiness in Life?

The Shifting Vibrations aroused the curiosity of many people shortly after its release. A key factor that has attracted people to the program is the manufacturer's claim that Shifting Vibrations is based on a 5,000 year old Egyptian frequency theory that the elite of our society used to maintain wealth and happiness at all times. The theory behind the Shifting Vibrations program has people asking many questions about the program, such as what it really is, how it works, and what are its benefits. What do they get from the program and more?

This Shifting Vibrations review will answer all your questions related to the program. It will also provide detailed images that will help readers make informed decisions. So, to know if Shifting Vibrations are worth your money or not? Please read this review until the end.

What Is AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations?

Shifting Vibrations is a program that is said to help individuals attract wealth, happiness, and peace into their lives. The creators of Shifting Vibrations say that the program aims to unlock the third eye, also known as the gland. Pineal It is a small organ in the brain responsible for manifesting power.

In most people, this pineal gland is dormant. This is why many people are unable to achieve what they want in life despite everything they do. AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations manifestation program Uses vibration to restore third eye function. and helps express everything you need in life easily and quickly. The creator says that by using Shifting Vibrations we will have wealth. Be financially independent, happy and successful in life.

Creator of Shifting Vibrations

The Shifting Vibrations sound program was created by Stef, a person who has always been curious about uncovering secrets that many people don't know. Stef found out about the Egyptian theory of vibrations that helped ancient people gain wealth after researching things. that will help in manifesting wealth into your life

Like many people, Stef fell apart when everything Stef had worked for to maintain her financial stability sank into the deep sea. Steph began to learn about the reasons why some people were able to achieve financial success. And some are not because of hopeless circumstances. This is when Stef found out about the secrets of the Egyptian frequencies. And this led to the creation of the Shifting Vibrations performance program.

The Science Behind How the Shifting Vibration Program Works

AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations audio files are built on theory. It is the “Egyptian Frequency” that helped ancient Egyptians and today's elites achieve their wealth. As many of you may know, frequencies play an important role in our connection to the universe. The theory says that 432Hz is the planetary harmonic frequency that helps in activating a person's third eye and unlocking their highest potential energy.

But what happened is that after civilization A control system has been introduced. ‘Money blocking' was introduced, where the frequency was changed from 432 Hz to 440 Hz, which affected all sound waves around us. This means that the mind is in a control system that is constantly blocking money. And this is the reason why most people are unable to manifest what they want.

Coming to the Shifting Vibrations program, this program consists of a set of sounds with Golden Ration frequencies that unlock your pineal gland (third eye). When your pineal gland is activated, The person will be free from the money blocking system. and will be able to display things 10 times easier and faster than ever before

Click to visit the official website of AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations

What will you get from the Shifting Vibrations Digital Program?

The Shifting Vibrations Manifestation Program includes audio and other resources. That will help you unlock your pineal gland. Here is a list of what customers can expect from AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations audio files:

  • Track 1: Egyptian Golden Ratio For Abundance 432 Hz – This is the first audio track included with the program. This approach helps train the subconscious mind to embrace positive and empowering beliefs that will easily help manifest abundance.
  • Track 2: The Abundance Pyramid 432 Hz (Retrain Limiting Beliefs) – The second track clients receive from the Shifting Vibrations program focuses on building layers of positive beliefs in the mind. This sound helps a person believe that we have the power to manifest abundance in your life.
  • Track 3 (with subliminal message): ‘Shaman Beats' 71-79hz Raise Your Vibrations – The third track that the user receives from the program comes with a subliminal message. This Shaman Beats takes a person on a beautiful journey where Promotes deep meditation lucid dreams star projection and deep meditation The soundtrack is a recreation of the deep trance states experienced by shamans and tribesmen throughout the centuries.
  • Track 4 (with subtext): “Lucid Oddysee” 207-215hz – The fourth tip clients receive from the Shifting Vibrations program focuses on lucid dreaming and increases the vividness of your dreams. The creators have combined the most effective audio techniques from other lucid dreaming techniques. that the creator has to match this sound
  • Track 5: “Golden Ratio Experience” 396hz – The fifth track that comes with Shifting Vibration is called “Golden Ratio Experience.” This audio track is tuned to a frequency that will help a person express themselves faster. Increase vibration quickly and stronger in every aspect of life
  • Track 6: 8-Hour Luxurious Astral Experience on the ‘New Horizons' Track – Shifting Vibrations' sixth track takes you on an imaginative adventure/'extraterrestrial' astral projection track. This sound is designed for deep meditation, stargazing, and other areas that stimulate the third eye.
  • PDF INSTRUCTIONS – In addition to the 6 audio files, Shifting Vibrations also comes with a PDF file with detailed instructions and explanations. And the PDF description of each track explains how to use these audio tracks and what you need to prepare before listening.
  • Video Lessons: HD Video Lessons – The last thing included in the Shifting Vibrations program is an HD video lesson. In this video lesson, Stef, the creator of the program, explains in detail how the beatbox works. And it will also tell you about the best time to listen to those beats.

What are the Benefits of trying the Shifting Vibrations program?

Some of the key benefits of Shifting Vibrations audio program are as follows:

  • Helps to activate your third eye.
  • Helps with vivid dreams
  • Unlock your ability to express yourself.
  • It helps attract wealth and happiness into your life.
  • Connecting you more to the universe
  • Improve your sleep quality

Experience the Benefits of Shifting Vibrations frequencies! Visit the official website to know more.

How to use AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations Sound files?

Each audio track on Shifting Vibrations is 8 hours long, and they are all designed to bring about a major shift in your life. The program's creators suggest that you can listen to the audio while you sleep and can easily complete an 8-hour session.

Since there are 6 audio tracks, the creators recommend that you start with one audio at a time. You can start with the basic ‘Golden Frequency' sound and then listen to any sound you like.

Because all these audio files focus on different factors. So you can listen according to your preferences. If 8 hours of audio is too much for you, the creators of Shifting Vibrations have created 20 minute and one hour versions of these tracks to get you started.

Further details on how to use the Shifting Vibrations program are disclosed in the PDF instructions and HD video lessons that accompany the program.

How much does Shifting Vibrations Cost? Is it inexpensive?

Shifting Vibrations, Shifting Vibrations Manifest Review – How to Manifest Wealth and Success.

The creators of Shifting Vibrations want the program to be affordable for anyone struggling financially, so they offer the program at an affordable price for everyone, and the price of AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations is $37.

for this expense You will have lifetime access to the program and everything included in it. You can now access the program on the official website by completing the payment steps.

After payment is completed You can download the program to your device. Then listen to the audio track and use other sources as you wish.

Click to order the Shifting Vibrations audio program from the official website.

AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations Bonus

When you receive the Shifting Vibrations manifestation program now, you will receive 5 bonuses and they include the following:

  • Bonus 1 – Stormy Escape: The first bonus is called Stormy Escape. This is a beautiful binaural beat track that focuses on your theta brain waves while you are trying to achieve an astral project. It contains soothing sounds such as ambient sounds, rain, and waves that may improve the quality of your sleep.
  • Bonus 2 – Theta Brainwaves: The second bonus is also an audio track, and this binaural beat is pure theta. This audio track helps in stimulating theta waves in your body and also helps while attempting astral projects. You can listen to this Theta brainwave sound whenever you want.
  • Bonus 3 – Astral Starwaves: The third bonus is Astral Starwaves, an audio track that fine-tunes surrounding sounds. Designed to take you directly into OBE, this audio track will help you familiarize yourself with lucid dreaming and meditation. and improve your astral projection.
  • Bonus 4 – Rainy Winter: The fourth bonus you get with the Shifting Vibrations online program is an audio track and is named Rainy Winter. This new spiritual frequency combines meditation music with the gentle beats of a binaural Rainy Winter is ideal. For the awakening of astral projection and meditation
  • Bonus 5 – Royal Awakening: The final bonus you get from the Shifting Vibrations program is called Royal Awakening. This bonus audio track is for activating and opening the third eye. Royal Awakening can be used for meditation with that eye. Three is fine. And you can use it first thing in the morning.
Shifting Vibrations, Shifting Vibrations Manifest Review – How to Manifest Wealth and Success.

Shifting Vibration Money Back Guarantee

According to the official website Shifting Vibrations performance programs are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This means that if you do not express anything in your life even after listening to the audio track of the program for a few weeks or you are not satisfied with the program for any reason. You can get a refund from the creator of Shifting Vibrations audio program using their refund policy.

If you want to request a refund Please contact the producer team Shifting Vibrations at

Frequently asked questions

Q. Do I have to listen to the AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations audio track every day?

A. The creators of the Shifting Vibrations program say that you can listen to one audio track included in the program per day and continue for as long as you want.

Q. When is the best time to listen to the Shifting Vibrations audio track?

A. If you plan to listen to an 8-hour audio track one time You can fall asleep listening to it. Otherwise, you can listen to the audio track anytime at your convenience.

Q. Will I receive the actual product after ordering Shifting Vibrations?

A. Shifting Vibrations is a digital program, so you will not receive a copy of the audio tracks and other items included in the program.

Q. Is there a refund policy for the Shifting Vibrations program?

A. Yes, Shifting Vibrations program has a refund policy which is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase from the official website.

Q. Is there a subscription fee for the Shifting Vibrations program?

A. In addition to the cost of the program There are no subscription fees or hidden costs for the Shifting Vibrations program.

Click to order vibrating sound file with 30-day money-back guarantee from the official website.

A Final Word About the Shifting Vibration Review.

After analyzing various aspects Of the programs listed, it appears that AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations is legit and worth spending your money on. The program contains audio tracks and resources that provide several benefits. This includes activating your third eye. Improving the ability to express yourself and attracting wealth into your life

The Shifting Variations program has ancient studies supporting its principles. and includes proven methods and techniques that can stimulate your pineal gland. The audio program has 6 audio tracks that you can listen to to complete various objectives. To make using Shifting Variations easier, the program's creators also provide detailed instructions on how to use it correctly.

The creators of the program offer the Shifting Vibrations audio track at an affordable price. The program is also backed by a money-back guarantee to ensure that spending the money is completely risk-free.

Overall, the AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations program seems worth checking out.

Shifting Vibrations, Shifting Vibrations Manifest Review – How to Manifest Wealth and Success.

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